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Triton wrought iron door handle
Triton handcrafted door handles

Triton Pull Handle

The Triton wrought iron door handle highlights exceptional craftsmanship, meticulously hand-forged from a solid steel bar. Skilled artisans use traditional techniques to shape the handle into the form of a torch, giving it a unique and visually appealing design.

Length 1000mm
Grip diameter tapering from 58mm to 20mm
Top plate diameter 70mm Bottom plate diameter 55mm

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Length 790mm
Grip diameter tapering from 50mm to 18mm
Top plate diameter 70mm Bottom plate diameter 60mm

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Length 590mm
Grip diameter tapering from 40mm to 18mm
Top plate diameter 65mm Bottom plate diameter 55mm

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The process

During the forging process, the solid steel bar is carefully beaten down to create a gradual taper down the main shaft of the handle. This tapering effect adds elegance to the handle’s silhouette, providing a smooth and visually pleasing transition from top to bottom.

At the fixing plates, the Triton handle features studded embellishments. These decorative studs not only serve as eye-catching details but also add texture and visual interest to the overall design. The combination of the studded accents with the torch-shaped handle creates a striking aesthetic that can enhance the appearance of any door.

Once the forging and studding process is complete, the Triton handle undergoes a finishing treatment. It is meticulously aged and patinated, giving it a authentic vintage look. This aged patina finish adds character and charm to the handle, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a classic-inspired style.

Adaptable and customizable

Another notable feature of the Triton handle is its reversibility. Due to its symmetrical design, it can be installed as either a left-handed or right-handed handle. The classic style and symmetry allows for easy adaptation to various door configurations, ensuring that the handle can be seamlessly integrated into different architectural styles.

As a standard offering, the Triton handle is available in three sizes: 1000mm, 790mm, and 590mm. However, customization options are also available, allowing for the creation of handles in various other lengths to suit specific door sizes or design preferences. This flexibility in sizing ensures that the Triton handle can be tailored to meet individual needs and provide a cohesive aesthetic.