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At Tasman Forge whether you choose from our product range, or consider a custom design, all our pieces are hand forged and made from scratch.  This process is known as Wrought iron, where the iron is heated before being worked with tools to shape it. 

Truly original objects stand out from the crowd.  They are unique and exclusive to your home, and transform a space you will appreciate daily. You can rest assured quality pieces last for years, and stand the test of time, adding value to your property.

A handcrafted item is designed and created using proven methods, stays relevant for years to come, and invites your input into the design, unlike mass produced products. We caught up with Alison from Nelson, New Zealand to ask about her experience working with Tasman Forge.


Q Who are you, and how were you first introduced to Tasman Forge?

A My name is Alison, and I read a House & Garden editorial and contacted Tim direct.

Q What was the nature of the work sought for Tasman Forge to undertake for you?

A Initially a replacement Balustrade for our 1940s home. The existing rails were too low and therefore unsafe. We were so impressed with the balustrade that we have since had Tim create two garden gates and also an Entrance gate on our stairway. There is also an amazing Front Entrance door and more recently a large glass and steel coffee table for the family room. It’s quite a list.

Q Why did you choose Tasman Forge?

A We liked what we read in the article, and so we called him to talk about what we were looking for, and what options were available to us. After meeting with Tim, we were impressed by his professional approach, his passion and flair for the craft, particularly after seeing photos of some of his commissions from his portfolio.

Q What made you choose wrought iron over another material?

A We chose wrought iron because it suits the house style, and is classic and enduring.

Q How has the finished product changed or improved the way you use or enjoy the object / space?

A The wrought iron has transformed our home, finishing off a major renovation and has added value with unique bespoke balustrades, stair rails, gates and an Entrance Door. We gave Tim freedom to design and create each item without hesitation, and he more than delivered. He is a skilled craftsman, very professional and always timely in his liaison with us which made things simple.

If you’re concerned with quality, longevity and unique style, contact us to see if handmade is what you’re looking for.  At Tasman Forge we strive to produce designs we’re proud of.  For our customers, this ensures an investment in great products, our knowledge, experience, and the benefits of an intimate service.

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