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Tasman Forge have established an exceptional reputation, where design, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship are second to none. Our finely executed designs draw on many years of knowledge and experience.  We create an extensive range of wrought iron products, or custom made works tailored to suit the individual needs and aspirations of each client.

Our range of curtain rods, finials, holdbacks, hooks, cleats and brackets have all been designed to establish different styles for the intended space.  All items are hand finished in our unique antique patina, bringing a timeless European style and elegance to your home.

A few years ago we were contacted by Jenny from her home in Australia.  Having spent many years living in France, she had grown accustomed to selecting bespoke furnishings and fittings for her home.  Reassured now that she could choose from the Tasman Forge range, we asked Jenny to tell us why it was so important to her.

Q   Who are you, and how were you first introduced to Tasman Forge?

A   My name is Jenny Cunningham and I live in Palm Beach Australia.  I’m married with 4 grown up children who all have wives or partners.  No grandchildren yet.  We live near the beach just an hour out of Sydney.  Our home is the gathering place, which is why we had to find a house where we could create 5 bedrooms.

I picked up a brochure from a stand whilst looking for kitchen knobs and handles.  I kept it for months as I wasn’t looking for curtain rods, it was just that I liked the French styling in the images, and had recently returned from living in France for eight years.

Q   What was the nature of the work sought for Tasman Forge to undertake for you?

A   I contacted Tasman Forge to see if they shipped to Australia.  The good news was yes they did, and so I requested a quote for the supply and delivery of 3 curtain rods.  I wasn’t sure how easily they would transport because of their length, but Tim explained the clever hidden middle joining method. Genius.

Q   Why did you choose Tasman Forge?

A   Tasman Forge is an artisanal business which is important to support.  These types of ancient trades are easier to access in Europe, so it was a joy to find a dedicated and skilled craftsman like Tim so much closer to home.

Q   What made you choose wrought iron over another material?

A   I adore wrought iron for its strength and quality, plus its elegant look and timeless appeal.  I love the curtain rods and rings so much.  They remind me of when we lived in France and would visit our Ferronnière (Blacksmith) to produce all manner of things which is something sorely missed in Australia.  Real craftsmanship is hard to find.

Q   How has the finished product changed or improved the way you use or enjoy the object / space?

A   The finished products have added an enormous amount of charm and style to our renovation.  These days it’s too easy to buy cheaper off the shelf products, but frankly they look cheaper.  I believe if you invest in superior materials, and work with a caring and understanding designer, you can achieve your desired look.  Our look is based on simplicity and texture.  Everyone comments on the curtains.  Where did you find those? The curtains themselves are a simple white linen, so it’s not the curtains it’s the rods and rings that really tell the story.

The Tasman Forge range of curtain rods and accessories has been designed for the discerning customer, who is looking for authentic wrought iron hardware.  With our commitment to quality and fine blacksmithing methods, all hardware is handmade to order.

Every finished product comes under close scrutiny to ensure they meet the Tasman Forge standard.  Whichever of our Showrooms you visit therefore, you can expect the same exceptionally high standards of service and personal care. 

To order or to find a local supplier please contact us.

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