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Image Of Five Different Design Door Handles

Custom Design Collaborations

Choosing bespoke designs is the best way to ensure each piece reflects your unique style and vision, and blends seamlessly with its surroundings.  Having your ironwork made for you offers much greater stylistic flexibility.  It increases ownership over the creative process, and therefore enables you to create spaces which are uniquely yours.

At Tasman Forge whether you choose from our product range, or consider a custom design, all our pieces are hand forged and made from scratch.  For new builds or renovations we work closely with homeowners, designers and architects to fabricate unique and custom ironwork creating impressive design statements.

Why consider a custom design for your home?

Consider custom designs if you’re looking for pieces that are original.  This for instance offers you the flexibility to have input into the design, finish and size.  No two handmade products are exactly the same, and so this gives a sense of individuality that cannot be replicated by the mass production process.  Quality pieces are made to last, and ultimately add value to your home.

With professional guidance you benefit from a team with the skills to meet your requirements.  Regularly partnering with Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders, we make certain the style is fit for purpose, and the finished piece meets your definitive needs and budget. 

Deborah Still Interior Design

We asked Deborah Still of Deborah Still Interior Design to tell us about her experience working with the team at Tasman Forge.


Q   Who are you, and how were you first introduced to Tasman Forge?

A   Deborah Still Interior Design is based in Timaru but has many projects all around New Zealand.  I have been designing bespoke homes for the past 36 years, and have been aware of the beauty and quality of Tasman Forge for many years.


Q   What was the nature of the work sought for Tasman Forge to undertake for you?

A   For this project I wanted large wrought iron handles for a large home in the Mt Cook region.


Q   Why did you choose Tasman Forge?

A   Tasman Forge was a perfect fit, because I wanted a hand crafted, recycled look for the front door handles that were large enough to give a sturdy durable look.


Q   What made you choose wrought iron over another material?

A   I love the handmade, rustic feel that wrought iron gives.


Q   How has the finished product changed or improved the way you use or enjoy the object / space?

A   The handles I chose for this project gives a sense of solid, dependable bespoke craftsmanship.


At Tasman Forge we continually strive to produce designs we are proud of.  For our customers, this ensures an investment in great products, our knowledge, experience, and the benefits of an intimate service.  We custom design and handcraft door handles, balustrades, gates, and other commissions. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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