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Create Modern Luxury With a Tasman Forge Wrought Iron Entrance Door

Invest in a bold Entrance Door

A good entrance door does much more than provide access to your home, it makes a statement.  It’s also a door with a complex role.  It not only defines the design of the building, but most importantly separates the internal and external environments.

Achieving a European architectural style for your home can be enhanced with an elegant and distinctive wrought iron entranceway.  Your choice of door provides the all important first impression, and conveys as much about the dwelling as it does the owners.

Our homes allow us to create intimate designs that influence the flow of light, colour, and emotion through the space in which we live.  A bold entrance door creates a rich environment and the impression of comfort.

Why choose a Tasman Forge Entrance Door?

A uniquely designed Tasman Forge entrance door captures the past and creates the essence of luxury in today’s modern world.  They are decorative in style without excessive details, and link the different architectural elements of a home’s facade creating a strong focal point.

Steel joinery has been a staple of European design for centuries.  It has given buildings a sensibility and quality not always found in aluminium or timber joinery.  We continue to strive to perfect the art and craftsmanship of metalworking, proving there is no substitution for experience.

Wrought iron is a unique material embraced by designers and architects for its aesthetic value and exclusiveness.  A Tasman Forge entrance door is a declaration of your unique style, and a creative solution for obtaining beautiful custom doors with lifetime durability.

Design, durability and specifications

Our doors guarantee the highest standards of energy saving, maximum comfort, acoustic performance, weather resistance, safety and low maintenance costs.  Wrought iron is renowned for its durability in a variety of challenging environments.

Tasman Forge doors are equally suited to both classical and modern architectural styles.  They provide a timeless look that completely transforms your chosen space, with unsurpassed structural integrity.  Dependable, durable, and ideal for prestigious projects.

All doors are custom made to order and available in any size, shape or design. They come pre-hung in a steel frame with mounting brackets attached for ease of installation.  They are insulated with high quality foam pumped into both the frame and the doors.

The doors are equipped with hinged double glazed panels that open independently of the doors.  This allows for easy cleaning, security and ventilation. We use a foam weather-strip that attaches to the frame of the door, and a rubber weather-strip for the hinged glass panels.

Tasman Forge has established an excellent reputation for design, manufacture and installation.  We work closely with our clients, to ensure a high quality result that matches the unique specifications of each project. 

Contact us to explore the opportunities to deliver a superior entrance door that exceeds expectations. 

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