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What Makes Us Creative?

Most of us value creativity very highly.  In the Arts, Science and many other areas of life, but what exactly makes a person creative?  We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of the word means ‘to grow’.

Tasman Forge founder and designer Tim Bleackley’s creative path

Tasman Forge founder and designer Tim Bleackley would attest to this sentiment.  Originally from the UK, Tim studied Art & Design in North Staffordshire and later working as a self employed mural artist.  In 1987 he moved to Greece, where he worked as a Graphic Artist for the US Air Force in Athens.

During his time in Athens, Tim met his partner Wendy, an Interior Designer.  Wendy unwittingly becoming the catalyst for Tim’s passion with wrought ironwork.  Having designed a ceiling candelabra for a client, Wendy challenged Tim to make it for her.  After all how difficult could it be?

There began a life long love affair with iron, and Wendy.  From this time on, Tim would undertake commissions for her clients, other interior designers and architects in Athens, as well as private commissions.

What do we know about creativity?

Creativity is exactly this readiness to master new knowledge and skills.  It allows us to stretch our minds, and do new and exciting things.  To engage ourselves in a way that takes us closer to reaching our full potential.

It’s not just about our ability to design, draw or make a product.  We all need to think creatively in our daily lives, whether it’s cooking a meal using leftovers, or fashioning a Halloween costume using the clothes in our wardrobe.

It’s difficult to know for certain whether we inherit creativity.  What we do know is that it can be nurtured. Children who are encouraged to be creative are more likely to be so in later life.  Certain environments encourage us to be creative, with the people around us a vital source of inspiration.

There are two personality traits and abilities which must be encouraged in order for creativity to flourish.  The first is generating ideas, not just having ideas and voicing them. The second is having vision, and being able to sustain intense focused effort towards the desired goal.

Being creative makes life interesting and fulfilling. It’s a way of living life that embraces originality, and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.  Creative people are energetic, focused, playful, disciplined, tenacious, resilient, courageous and determined.  Is that you?

Here’s 5 things to kick start your creativity

Collaborate – learning from others gives your creativity a boost, and brings support

Do something you love – relax and find balance in other areas of your life

Seek inspiration – from others, the environment, travel to new places

Switch off – unplug and let your brain perform a little magic

Ask for feedback – a fresh objective perspective might spark a new direction

At Tasman Forge it’s our passion to create and produce designs we’re proud of.  For our customers, this ensures an investment in great products, our knowledge, experience, and the benefits of an intimate service. 

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