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Tasman Forge Entrance Doors

Why Choose A Wrought Iron Entrance Door From Tasman Forge?

The front door of your house can set the tone and expectation for the rest of your home. With that in mind, what does your front door say about you?

Most homes are designed with the entrance as the focal point, so that our eye is naturally drawn to the entrance doors first.  Individual designs establish a very different style and mood for the intended space.

It should consider the elements of scale, balance, proportion, period and style, which combined must work together.  The impact of this attention to detail from the outset will serve to elevate curiosity and expectation for the rest of your home. 

Aside from the visual aesthetic, wrought iron doors have several other benefits.  If you’re considering a set of Tasman Forge Entrance Doors for your residential or commercial space, we’ve put together a list of why our doors meet such a tall order.

A unique investment

A statement entrance door provides all important curb appeal, and lets buyers know your property is exclusive.  You can rest assured quality doors last for years, and stand the test of time, adding value to your property.

Original and exclusive

A wrought iron entrance door brings a classic, timeless elegance, reminiscent of grand private residences.  A truly original door stands out from the crowd, transforming a space you will appreciate every day.

First impressions

A custom entrance door has a sense of individuality that cannot be replicated by the mass production market.  The beauty in the craftsmanship offers a distinguished and bold statement.

Reflect your style

Choose a design that reflects your style.  Each of our Doors introduces a unique aesthetic to you home.  These rarer designs, materials and finishes stay relevant for years to come.  We can also make a door to your own design.

Strength and longevity

Entrance doors must be tough and hard wearing.  Wrought iron is known for its durability and will require a lot less maintenance than wooden doors.

Security and peace of mind

A stunning door must also serve its practical purpose.  Sturdy and heavy materials ultimately offer greater security for your home and family. 

The Tasman Forge Range

Tasman Forge have established an exceptional reputation, where design, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship are second to none. Our finely executed door designs draw on many years of knowledge and experience.  

Our wrought iron entrance doors meet the individual needs and aspirations of each client.  For new builds or renovations we work closely with homeowners, designers and architects to ensure impressive design statements.

The Tasman Forge range has been carefully created for homes where style and aesthetic appeal are of the utmost importance.  Our designs are suited to either contemporary or classic settings.

Our range of Entrance Doors comprises of five beautiful designs which can be made to any size.  We can also custom make to your designs, or your designer/architects designs.  With a mix of classic artistry and the strength of iron, we offer you high-quality entranceways where the handcrafted detail of our timeless designs is apparent.

Entrance Door Specifications

All our handcrafted wrought iron doors are custom made to order, and are available in any size, shape or design. They come pre-hung in a steel frame with mounting brackets attached for ease of installation.  They are insulated with high quality foam pumped into the frame and the doors.

The doors are equipped with hinged 16mm double glazed safety glass panels.  These open independently of the doors allowing for easy cleaning, security and ventilation. We use a foam weather-strip that attaches to the frame of the door, and a rubber weather-strip for the hinged glass panels.

Contact us to explore the opportunities to deliver a superior entrance door that exceeds expectations. 

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