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What To Consider When Choosing Door Handles For Your Home

There are many household items we touch thousands of times over.  However many of us overlook the importance of door handles.  These modest yet critical pieces should be included in designs from an early stage, or you may discover there’s little cohesion with the rest of your home.

Whilst handles may seem a relatively simple part of your home’s design, door hardware is intricate, complicated and integral to the overall design of a home.  Factors such as quality, finish and craftsmanship must all come into play when deciding on which hardware to choose.

A timeless design combined with the highest quality materials creates a product that won’t date and will last for decades.  A wrought iron door handle becomes a central feature of any space, and an object of both beauty and function.

Door handles give a space character.  They tell the story of its architectural history and the people who reside there.  To achieve the best outcome, factor them much earlier in the process, leaving no room for unfortunate mistakes further into your project. 

If details are overlooked or chosen at the last minute after other elements have been specified, it’s a significant missed opportunity.  Imagine the space, and consider how might that same room feel, or change, with the addition of wrought iron door handles?

Select handles which offer a carefully crafted balance of design and beauty that is as accessible as it is enduring.  If practicable, touch the products, feel their weight and experience the texture.  It’s often said the door handle is the handshake of a building.

What to consider when choosing door hardware

  • Despite the seemingly small place of door hardware in an overall design, it is a critical element working to enhance and pull together various features within a space.
  • Consider the other textures in the space, the architectural style of the building, the period in which it was built and the colour scheme. 
  • All these elements are central when considering the options for door handles, as is the range of styles available, from the most traditional to more contemporary of designs.
  • Part of choosing products that will last a lifetime is about moving away from current trends and focusing on classic, timeless designs that will remain contemporary over the decades. 

The Tasman Forge Range of Bespoke Door Handles

At Tasman Forge, we place emphasis on design and fine details.  Our products don’t just look amazing, they perform for generations.  Our comprehensive range of bespoke door handles comprises of 12 beautiful designs.  Each design is able to establish a very different style and mood for the intended space.  It is then hand finished in our unique antique patina, bringing timeless style and elegance to your home.

Each and every element of our quality wrought iron door hardware and custom ironwork comes under close scrutiny to ensure they meet the Tasman Forge standard. Whichever of our Showrooms you visit, you can expect exceptionally high standards of service and personal care.

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