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With so many door handles to choose from – what makes a good design?

Tasman Forge have established an exceptional reputation, where design, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship are second to none. Our finely executed designs draw on many years of knowledge and experience.  We create an extensive range of wrought iron products, or custom made works tailored to suit the individual needs and aspirations of each client.

Increasingly we live in a world of abundance, with this wealth of choices competing for our attention.  Each product screams “Pick me!” “No, pick me!” It’s tricky to make a decision while under the dizzying spell of choice overload (think rabbit in the headlamps).  It’s even harder to think through the longer term consequences.

All too often when we’re presented with multiple options, instead of rubbing our hands together with glee, we simply fear making a wrong or bad decision.  Whilst we might do a little research online, or with books and magazines, do we ever ask ourselves what makes a good design?

What makes a good design?

A good design should ultimately speak for itself.  It should consider the elements of scale, balance, proportion, comfort, and style, which combined must work together in harmony.  Here’s our Top 10 things which we believe make a good design.  We hope you’ll come up with some of your own next time you invest in something for your home.

A Good Design is…

  1. Innovative
  2. A refinement of ideas
  3. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  4. Makes a product understandable
  5. A marriage of form and function
  6. Honest
  7. Long-lasting
  8. Thorough down to the last detail
  9. Environmentally friendly
  10. Explores the possibilities of the materials we use

What is the Tasman Forge design process?

At Tasman Forge, every design is created bearing these basic elements in mind.  We are influenced by the environment, and are aware of what’s happening around us. Although current trends might permeate this awareness, our designs are predominantly classic and endure.

A great design for us begins with ideas and many drawings, followed by creating prototypes out of steel at the forge.  We fastidiously check dimensions and proportions, constantly tweaking and revising during this unforgiving 3D stage. Ultimately we’ll move on to the next big idea rather than flog a dead horse – as the saying goes.

Our comprehensive range of bespoke door handles comprises of 12 beautiful designs.  Each handle design is able to establish a very different style and mood for the intended space.  It is then hand finished in our unique antique patina, bringing timeless style and elegance to your home.

Each and every element of our quality wrought iron door hardware and custom ironwork comes under close scrutiny to ensure they meet the Tasman Forge standard. Whichever of our Showrooms you visit therefore, you can expect the same exceptionally high standards of service and personal care.

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