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Collingwood Staircase Ironwork

Creating Custom Ironwork Pieces Without Compromise

Choosing bespoke designs is the best way to ensure each piece reflects your unique style and vision, and blends seamlessly with its surroundings.  Provided you commission the right craftsmen, having your ironwork made for you gives you greater stylistic flexibility.  It also increases ownership over the creative process, enabling you to create spaces which are uniquely yours.

At Tasman Forge whether you choose from our product range, or consider a custom design, all our pieces are hand forged and made from scratch.  For new builds or renovations we work closely with homeowners, designers and architects to fabricate unique and custom ironwork creating impressive design statements.

Why consider a custom design for your home?

Consider custom designs if you’re looking for pieces that are original.  This offers you the flexibility to have input into the design, finish and size.  No two handmade products are exactly the same.  This gives a sense of individuality that cannot be replicated by the mass production process.  Quality pieces are made to last, and ultimately add value to your home.

With professional guidance you benefit from a team with the skills to meet your requirements.  Regularly partnering with Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders, we make certain the style is fit for purpose, and the finished piece meets your definitive needs and budget. 

Custom designs from Tasman Forge

By commissioning a custom design you can create pieces without the compromise often reached with off-the-shelf items.  It’s an opportunity to design objects which are distinguished and exclusive to your home.  We custom design and handcraft door handles, balustrades, gates, and other commissions.  Transforming spaces, we create a look of quality, style and timelessness. 

Whilst the aesthetic appeal of a design is key, practicality is important, as it must also serve its purpose well.  A door handle cannot for example feel strange in the hand or uncomfortable to touch.  It has to simultaneously feel right when opening, and look aesthetically pleasing.

Create a design which tells its own story of craftsmanship

Handmade and original designs tend to have a more organic style that doesn’t date.  This gives each ironwork its own story of craftsmanship.  It’s these stories which create some of the most visually stunning interior pieces.  Each proffering a beauty which sets them apart from their commonplace contemporaries.

If you are concerned with quality, longevity and the unique style of your home, then a custom design is what you are looking for.  We can offer customisation on every handmade design we produce.  Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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