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What inspires us as Designers?

Thomas Edison was a famous American inventor and businessman.  He developed many devices which greatly influenced life worldwide into the twenty-first century.  Thomas is credited with a famous adage about creativity and innovation.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration”  (Thomas Edison)

The idea behind this quote is that it’s easy to have a good idea, or a creative insight. However to follow through with that idea, and turn it into a reality, takes a level of patience and dedication that few people have.  Sometimes our achievements aren’t good ideas or brilliance.  They are persistence, dedication, and hard work.

What inspires the team at Tasman Forge?

As designers inspiration assists us with keeping our creativity alive, and is a healthy boost to motivation.  The team at Tasman Forge love to travel, in particular to the Southern European villages, towns and cities.  The old wrought iron work in these parts of the world is often more than 500 years old.  It is also still serving a function, and incredibly beautiful.

As a designer, you never know when inspiration will strike.  It’s often when we’re taking a break our minds are free to process our experiences, and we come up with new ideas.

So how do we find inspiration?

In order to find inspiration we need to open our eyes to the world around us.  We must get out of our comfort zone and experience design in places we haven’t been before.  When we tune into the world, we awaken our imagination.

It’s through these new experiences and adventures we stay curious about the world in which we live.  Each design becomes a collaboration with the thoughts, ideas, and experiences which inspired us in the past.  As designers we then interpret and create a story through textures, patterns, and forms that are full of beauty and soul.  Each project a unique exploration of our curiosity and experimentation.

The Greeks believed that inspiration or ‘enthusiasm’ came from the muses, as well as the gods Apollo and Dionysus.  Tim Bleackley, founder of Tasman Forge began his metal work career whilst living in Greece.  This formative experience later permeated the inspiration to name many of the Tasman Forge door handle designs after Greek gods.

Inspiration adds fuel to the fire

Today the dictionary defines inspiration as “a person, place, experience that makes someone want to do or create something.” For us this might be a branch we notice in the bush growing in a strange direction, or the shape of a horses tail.  Inspiration gives us the energy to create new designs that fit with our image or vision.  It adds fuel to our creative fire and brings these new and fresh ideas to life.

Sometimes what inspires us most is ordinary people who have done extraordinary things. We appreciate their ability and willingness to be selfless, creative, innovative, different, and unafraid to try.  Giving our best relies on authenticity.  Following through with the things we promise, and staying true to our brand.  So how do we stay inspired?  We simply keep moving forward.

A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”  (Albert Einstein)

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